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Cool Features in Android Oreo

Google has launched its new Android Operating Software and the name is the same as everyone was expecting, Android Oreo.

Android Oreo has a huge improvement over its predecessor Android Nougat. However, we list the top 10 features which will be useful from user point of view and not developer.

1.Battery Saving (Background App restrictions):

Improving battery life is always a fight. For tackling the issue, android had brought doze mode in its Android Marshmallow and the same is being upgraded with every new android OS.

Android Oreo will limit the background execution of apps in the area of background processing, scanning or location tracking. In fact, now the apps can only request you to have location updates.

2.Notification Bar:

The notification bar is getting refreshed. With the new notification feature, you can create notification category inside a single app. For example, for gmail you can have a notification showing inbox messages exclusively or personal messages etc.

Also you can snooze the notification till one hour. Means you will not be disturbed by the regular pop-up of notifications.

3.Auto turning Wifi On:

People having wifi at home or workplace or both often forgets to turn off the wifi while in travel and the wifi feature always searches for the wifi in the surrounding. It leads to high battery drain.

The new feature in Oreo will help to close the Wifi scanner automatically once you have left your home or workplace (or any known place) and turns on automatically when you reach again. However this feature uses your location services and hence the GPS tracker should be on to make the feature work properly.

4.Picture-in-Picture Mode:

It is very painful to leave a video for some time just to sms something or do a minute work. However with the Picture-in-Picture Mode you can watch Youtube video and scroll or work in other apps.

5.Autofill option:

Now the autofill options with passwords will be available in mobile chrome also. So, you need not enter the password again and again.

6.Arrow keys & Tabs Navigations:

Majorly for chromebooks, android O has added arrow key and tabs button to scroll down pages. However if you are using Android based TV with the use of mobile, this feature can come in handy.

7.Camera App improvements:

In the camera app, if you double tap the screen, the shooter will be zoomed 50%. Also now there is dedicated button for swiping between camera and video recording.

8.Battery Status in the Notification scroll bar also:

A minor update, however now when you go to the quick settings you can see the battery status at the top.

9.Rescue Party

With android Oreo, whenever bug had started affecting your mobile, the new feature, rescue party, automatically tries to fix the issues.

10.Fingerprint gestures:

Now, third party apps can monitor the fingerprint gesture, horizontal or vertical gestures, and can give two new functionality. For Example, with the vertical gestures, you may scroll down the web page. However the apps has to take permission from you.

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