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Airtel to launch VoLTE services to compete with Jio

Airtel to launch VoLTE services to compete with Jio.

No doubt that Jio has come up as the biggest competitor for the largest networks like Airtel and Vodafone. And these networks are really having a hard time competing with Jio.

Now that Jio has gone long way with the announcement of its VoLTE 4G phones, this has made the other networks to come up with new strategies. Recently, Airtel has announced that its has plans to join hands with the 4G featured manufacturers to provide 4G VoLTE services form 2018.

Airtel will offer bundled offers for 4G featured phones. Currently Lava is only brand with 4G featured phone and the other brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Intex will be soon introducing their own branded 4G featured phones. With the bundled offer with vendor partners, Airtel can gain the privilege in the market. Where Jio devices will be limited to company’s network Airtel do not have such restrictions.

This is not something new that Airtel is going to do. It has already implemented such strategies with several phone manufacturers and it has already proved beneficial for the company.

Earlier, Airtel saw that their Q1 profit dipped drastically and has continuously trying to bring out new plans and offers to gain back its lost customers. With the announcement of 4G featured phones Airtel wants to counter Jio and We hope this competition goes on so that we customers can benefit from it.


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