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Nokia 105 and 130 launched with specifications. Following the “Old is gold” theory?



Last year Nokia has launched Nokia 3310, a tribute to the old Nokia tough and hard mobile and it seen that Nokia is seriously accepting the “Old is Gold” theory.

This year Nokia has launched its two new mobiles, Nokia 105 (2017) and Nokia 130 (2017) expanding its portfolio in its keypad mobile. Nokia 105 is a single sim variant and Nokia 130 is a dual sim variant. The phones are in the features phones range and comes and are starting at Rs. 999.


Launch Offers and Availability:


The mobile will be available on the retail store (will not be online store exclusive). The price of the Nokia 105 will be Rs. 999/- and Nokia 130 will be Rs. 1149/-.

While Nokia 105 will be available from tomorrow, i.e., 19th July 2017. There is no date given for Nokia 130 but it will be available soon may be by next week.


Main Competitor:


Currently there are no major competitor in this price range.

However, rumours in the market is that Reliance, under its mobile brand LYF, is going to launch its feature mobiles and if he is launching the mobile then mostly it will be 4G enabled. Also like Jio has entered the market with a bang with tons of freebies, the same can be expected from LYF and if that’s true then the it will be very big competition for Nokia.


Operating System and processor:


Nokia 105: The mobile is a basic model with Nokia series 30+ software. It comes with a 4MB RAM and 4MB ROM.

However, for storing sms and contacts seems that the ROM will be sufficient. As per the company, it can store 500 messages and 2000 contacts

Nokia 130: In addition to Nokia 105 features, except it has 8MB ROM it also contains an option of SD card allowing 32GB of increased storage. The same was required for storing images, videos and songs.



Display, camera and video:



Nokia 105: The mobiles comes 1.8” QQVGA display. It does not have rear camera and having front camera is out of question at this price range.

Nokia 130: The mobiles has the same display. However this variant contains a rear camera. However front camera is not available. (Again the reason is obvious).



Body, Battery and Weight:



Nokia 105: Nokia has refreshed design. The body is curved and is made of polycarbonate shell and comes with New island keymat design for better usability.

It has 800 mAh removable battery and claims that when fully charged one can talk 15 hours non stop. It also has a standby time of a month. With no touch screen and no big apps (just one or two games) i think it can easily go for days without charging.

The weight of the mobile is 73 grams.

Nokia 130: The mobile has enhanced removable battery of 1020 mAh.



SIM variant:


Nokia 105 as said support single Mini SIM and Nokia 130 supports dual mini SIM. They do not supports 4G.



Other features:


  1. Torch light
  2. 5 MM audio jack
  3. Micro-USB charging




Though smartphone is ruling the mobile world, there is still a small market for feature mobile. At this price range, it is hard to expect anything extra from Nokia. The mobile can be used by the IT companies for their employees. However if rumours are true, Jio can give tough time to Nokia.



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